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December 2015 - UPDATE

Joe's new album, "The Dark Lord Rises," has been released worldwide through Lion Music. Also, "Joe Stump's Metal Chop Shop" instructional book is available on Amazon. It's a great book for players of all levels!


August 2013 - UPDATE

I’ve just completed my first shred/metal guitar instruction book entitled “Joe Stump’s Metal Guitar Chop Shop” for Berklee Press/Hal Leonard to be released in early 2014. It covers a variety of techniques (speed scale warm-up drills, double/tremolo picking, diatonic scale patterns, soloing ideas/motifs, alternate and economy picking, open string licks/soloing ideas, arpeggio play, and some Neo-Classical things as well). There are several metal/shred guitar etudes/pieces that include backing tracks and the book, of course, comes with a CD. There’s a ton of info in it for players of all levels. It looks like I’ll be doing an arpeggio/sweep picking book for Berklee Press/Hal Leonard in the future as well.

I’m currently writing and recording tracks for a new vocal project that involves RavenLord singer Csaba Zvekan and former Rainbow/Gary Moore bassist Craig Gruber. I’ve got some great stuff in the Rainbow/Purple vein so hopefully this should shake out to be a killer record. More on that as it develops. Some more solo shows in the works (to be posted soon) as well as a possible European tour with RavenLord later this year.

My entire back catalogue is now available on both and Itunes through Magic Circle Music


January 2013 - UPDATE

My apologies for not updating the site, as I’ve been posting most of the more recent activity on the Facebook sites. First, thanks a ton for all the great comments and emails from fans and friends that I’ve gotten about the new record. I really appreciate it. This year I’ll be continuing to play shows in support of “Revenge Of The Shredlord,” so all live dates will be posted as soon as they’re confirmed.

I’m also working on a shred/metal guitar instructional book for Berklee Press that should be released later this year. The book will cover scales/scale fingerings, alternate picking, diatonic scale patterns, soloing ideas, neo-classical linear playing, open string techniques, string skipping, tremolo/double picking, sweep and economy picking, and many other things. There will be technique building etudes along with various metal pieces with backing tracks included. It’ll be a cool instructional tool for players on all levels. Also “Revenge Of The Shredlord” is on the top 20 albums of 2012 on the Metal Rules site (see link below).  Also posted below, are links to some live footage from last November’s tour in Mexico. There are some great guitar and metal fans there and, as always, it was a fun trip.

And lastly, "The Ultimate Shred Guitar Collection" is now available on iTunes, with the entire Joe Stump back catalogue soon to follow.





"Man Your Battle Stations" (edit) from the new album is online now for streaming at:




As you can see by the front page of the site, the new record is scheduled to be released on August 17th. As I’ve said before, it’s quite heavy and classically influenced. This one’s all metal from start to finish, very dark and focused with gratuitous amounts of shredding throughout. Also, thanks to the great work of engineer Ducky Carlise and mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum, it’s my best sounding record to date as well. I’ll have some sound clips up in a few weeks.

On another note, I recently finished all the guitars on the new HolyHell record entitled “Darkness Visible,” which will also be released in a few months. It’s a fierce slab of dark, evil metal with tons of vicious riffs and ripping solos. Check out the official HolyHell Facebook page for some cool video clips and info regarding the new record. I’m currently rehearsing with the band as we’re getting ready to head over to Europe to do some live damage on several large festivals over there in the upcoming weeks. The rest of this year will be quite busy as it’s looking like they’ll be a bunch of touring in the pipes, both solo-wise and with HolyHell. I’ll post all the tour dates on the site once they’re confirmed.

Also, in the very near future, I’ll be teaming up with a well-known guitar oriented website and I’ll be offering online guitar lessons. They’ll be one-on-one individual lessons offered via Skype and there’s also the possibility of prepackaged, already shot lessons being available on a variety of topics (arpeggios, alternate/economy picking, harmonic minor/Hungarian minor playing, Baroque pedal tone motifs, classically inspired linear play, etc.). It should turn out to be a very cool thing, so stay tuned.




I have a new instructional DVD from The Shred Academy, "Shred Guitar 101." All DVDs for the entire Neo-Classical series are now available as an instant download at, as well as the new DVD, "Shred Guitar 101."

Click HERE for more information.



December 2011 - UPDATE

Hey, Happy Holidays to everyone! Just a quick update before the year ends. I’ve finished my new instructional DVD entitled Shred Guitar 101. I think it’ll be very useful learning tool for players on many levels and it’ll be released by the Shred Academy early next year.

I’ve also finished my new solo record (also to be released next year). It’s all recorded, mixed, and I’ll be sending it off to be mastered within a week or so. It came out killer -- my best sounding record, both sonically and playing-wise. I’ll release the title and track listing, as well as some small audio samples of a few of the tracks, after I get back the finished master. Over the next few months, I’ll start recording guitars for the new HolyHell record. So next year will be a very busy year touring-wise with both HolyHell and my solo bit.

And here is a great interview from Underworld Music Magazine: Underworld Music Magazine



October 2011 - UPDATE

I recently completed some guest solo spots on a couple of tracks.

"Knights of Templar" from Dean Cascione's new CD, "Neoclassical Fire." My solo is from 1:47 to 3:02. CLICK HERE

"Legatus Electrum" from Yoger Mucci's Guitangears' new CD, "Triangulum Chapter 1." My solo is from 2:29 to 3:47. CLICK HERE. This CD also features some great guest solos from Michael Angelo Batio, David Shankle, Theodore Ziras, and Marco Minnemann. Apprentice."

Here's a cool video of "Bullet Train" live in the studio from my recent DVD shoot for Shred Guitar 101:



September 2011 - UPDATE

Here are a few video links from last month's New York show. There is a "Bullet Train" excerpt and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." The quality is pretty decent, so I thought it'd be cool to post them.


August 2011 - UPDATE

Here’s a very long overdue update! I’ve been busy these days, hence the delay. Most of the guitars for my new solo record are recorded. I spent some of May and most of June holed up tracking guitars in my home studio. All melodies, harmonies, solos, and most of the rhythm guitars are done leaving just some nylon string stuff and rhythm guitar overdubs to finish. This record is heavier, darker, more classically based and technical compared to “Virtuostic Vendetta.” With every record I try to step it up and challenge myself both playing-wise and compositionally, and I’ve certainly done that with this upcoming release.

In addition to that, I’ve been continuing to play solo dates in the States so check the touring section of the site for upcoming shows. I have new DVD’s, both concert and instructional, in the pipes and both should be released in the late fall. More on that when it gets closer. Also, I added a guest solo to the track “The Burning Martyr” by female fronted power metal band Des Demon. The track features a guest vocal by Tim Ripper Owens. It’s been posted already on YouTube and Facebook, so check it out.


Here's a great version of "The Dance of Kashani" from the April 9th show in Worcester:



February 2011 - UPDATE

For the last few months I’ve been locked in my work room at home crafting and demoing the material for my next solo album. No title just yet, but this one’s shaping up to be a bit more technical and classically influenced than “Virtuostic Vendetta.” But there’ll still be a few retro Hendrix/Blackmore/Gary Moore inspired tracks mixed in as well.

HolyHell will be playing its first run of shows in The States in quite some time, starting at the beginning of March, so of course I’m really looking forward getting back out there with the band and doing some damage.

On a far different note, I’m deeply saddened about the tragic death of one of my all-time heroes, Gary Moore. Gary had a tremendous impact and influence on my playing. He’s someone I’ve been listening to since the early 80’s, and still listen to on a regular basis to this day. To me he combined all of the elements that make hard rock guitar great - killer technique, great emotionally drenched melodic playing, and a massive tone in his hands. I remember hearing “White Knuckles” on a metal radio show almost 30 years ago and being blown away. I love both his power blues era material as well as his 80’s period hard rock and metal stuff. I learned every solo on “Corridors of Power,” “Victims of the Future,” and “We Want Moore,” as well as many other solos from a bunch of his other recordings. I will have some type of Gary Moore tribute style track on my upcoming solo record. A more recent example of Gary’s influence on my playing would be the track The Beacon on “Virtuostic Vendetta.” It is just a tremendous loss for the music and guitar community.



November 2010 - UPDATE

Just a quick update since my last posting. HolyHell performed at the Female Metal Voices Festival in Belgium last month and the show was great, a killer set by the band and great reaction from the fans.

My new concert DVD will be along shortly, it’ll be a cool combination of footage from various shows and clinics I’ve done over the last year or so of touring in support of "Virtuostic Vendetta." A good portion of the material will be from that record as well as my previous record, "Speed Metal Messiah," with some classic older stuff mixed in, of course. I’m currently composing and putting together material for my next solo record as well as the next HolyHell release. After a year plus of quite a bit of touring, it’s great to be back in my work room at home doing a ton of playing and writing.



August 2010 - UPDATE

The past few months have been quite busy for me as touring with both HolyHell and my solo thing have continued this summer. HolyHell  was over in eastern Europe for 2 festivals in July, and the Masters of Rock show in the Czech Republic was without a doubt one of our best shows as a band to date. The band played killer and the crowd really enjoyed it.
I've compiled quite a bit of high quality concert video footage over the last several months, so some type of full-on concert DVD of my solo stuff will be released before the end of this year. It'll be a 2 DVD package. DVD 1 will be me performing tracks from "Virtuostic Vendetta" in a combination performance/instructional  type of thing, and the second DVD in the package will be a full concert with maybe some bonus clinic and bootleg concert footage in there as well. That's it for now.


May 2010 - UPDATE

Hey, sorry about the lack of update info on my part but, if you look on the tour dates section you’ll see that I’ve been quite busy playing/touring these days. I was in Europe all of January with HolyHell. We were, once again, out on tour with Manowar and, as usual when it comes to touring with The Kings of Metal, everything was top notch. The band played killer and the shows were great. It was cool to see many of the German fans again. After returning from Europe, I’ve had a small run of shows in the States and also just got back from a recent tour of Mexico. I hadn’t been to Mexico since 2006 and had not played Mexico City in almost 7 years. The Mexican metal fans were as crazy as ever and all the shows and clinics were packed. The fans couldn’t have been cooler, and I had a great time. “The Ultimate Shred Guitar Collection” comes out in the US on June 8th on Magic Circle/Sony RED. It’s a collection of some of my favorite tracks from my earlier records (all remastered) as well as 2 previously unreleased tracks and some short video footage. All in all it is a very cool package. I have more shows/clinics in the States in May and June then over to Eastern Europe with HolyHell for a couple festivals in July. That’s it for now.



December 2009 - UPDATE (pt. 2)

Joe Stump guests on Shredding The Envelope debut

Check out Joe's blistering leads on the new tracks "Shredding The Envelope" and "The Call Of The Flames" from the release "The Call Of The Flames" by Shredding The Envelope out now on iTunes, Amazon Mp3 and where fine records are sold, via Standstill And Scream Music. Along with Joe there are also guest solos by Michael Angelo Batio, Chris Poland , Glenn Drover and George Lynch making this one record one vicious slab of guitar driven metal.


December 2009 - UPDATE

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 - HolyHell Announces 2010 World Tour!

Andreas Schöwe from German Rock It! magazine recently described HolyHell's selftitled debut album as "...dark mystic melodic rock with classic appeal of the utmost grace." And now, hot on the heels of such accolades, HolyHell will hit it live, unleashing this apocalyptic masterpiece of a concept album on audiences across the globe as they embark upon an extensive international tour. The quest begins in January 2010 with a series of indoor concerts across Germany as special guests of Magic Circle Music label mates Manowar. Further confirmed shows already include open air festivals in Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

First confirmed shows are:
Jan 16 2010 Leipzig, Germany @ Haus Auensee
Jan 18 2010 Fürth, Germany @ Stadthalle
Jan 19 2010 Berlin, Germany @ Tempodrom
Jan 21 2010 Ludwigshafen, Germany @ Friedrich-Ebert-Halle
Jan 22 2010 Ludwigsburg, Germany @ Arena
Jan 23 2010 Offenbach, Germany @ Stadthalle
Jan 25 2010 Munich, Germany @ Zenith
Jan 28 2010 Tilburg, Holland @ 013
Jan 30 2010 Hannover, Germany @ AWD Hall
Jan 31 2010 Cologne, Germany @ Palladium
Jul 11 2010 Tolmin, Slovenia @ Magic Circle Festival IV at Metalcamp
Jul 16 2010 Vizovice, Czech Republic @ Masters Of Rock 2010

More dates expected soon!

For more information and constant updates, check out the brand new
HolyHell website
Or better yet: subscribe to the HolyHell newsletter so you will not
miss any news!



November 2009 - UPDATE

Joe Stump autograph signing session at The House of Guitars in Rochester, NY at 4:00 p.m., Sat., Nov 14th. Joe will be playing the Montage in Rochester later that night supporting Jennifer Batten. And also here are links to Joe performing various tunes from the new record Virtuostic Vendetta, contained in the links are clinic footage from Europe, show footage from the States, as well as Joe doing some damage to backing tracks in his office at Berklee.



September 2009 - UPDATE

Archived images are now back and up and running, I am currently on tour in Europe, check out the dates and try and make a gig.

June 2009 - UPDATE


NEW YORK, USA - When it comes to blazing guitars, one of metal’s favorite sons has ignited many fires in the hearts of metal fans. Known as The Shred Lord, JOE STUMP is already cemented in the annals of history as a metal guitar virtuoso. In recent years, he joined forces with power metal band, HOLYHELL and has been devoting much of his time to recording their debut album, set to be released in the summer of 2009. However, fans would not let him move on without releasing a collection of his greatest compositions. Hence THE ESSENTIAL SHRED GUITAR COLLECTION was born. In this collection, Stump breathes new life into favorites from many of his solo albums, as well as adding a few new tracks. It’s a necessary addition to every guitar fans’ collection, if not only to archive and preserve monumental moments in music history.
Look for THE ESSENTIAL SHRED GUITAR COLLECTION by JOE STUMP now available on the MAGIC CIRCLE MUSIC label. Also immediately available with high quality, DMR-free MP3s at The Kingdom Of Steel Online Store

Joe Stump, along with HOLYHELL, will be headlining 6 of Europe’s major summer festivals as special guests of MANOWAR on The Death to Infidels Tour 2009. For details, visit,,

May 2009 - UPDATE

There are tons of great reviews flooding in! Check them out in the Press Section.

April 2009 - UPDATE

Well if you`re reading this then you see the killer facelift the website has gotten thanks to my buddy Andy Craven. The gear section has been updated with a portion of my guitar collection (yes I have quite a few more and will add a few more in the upcoming months) . And of course the big news is that the new record is out and reviews are just starting to come in. I`ve got several solo shows upcoming in May with fellow shredmasters Michael Orlando and Matt Mills on a bill entitled Night Of The Living Shred, and I`ll also be playing 2 Virtuosity 09 Guitar Festival dates in Ohio with Michael Harris, Rob Johnson and a bunch of other great players.



After the solo shows in May I`ll be in Europe doing some damage over there with HolyHell playing a bunch of festivals in June and July , the next couple months will be filled with plenty of live guitar work so I couldn`t be happier. All tour dates are posted on the site. As usual a few more new things in the pipes upcoming so I`ll be checking in with that info quite soon.


February 2009 - UPDATE

New album news - Vengeance is mine sayeth the Shredlord!

Virtuostic Vendetta will be released worldwide by Lion Music on April 17th. Here’s the track listing in order and a cool video trailer for the new record up now on YouTube ( just click to get a glimpse. The new record contains 12 tracks and clocks in at over 72 minutes so everyone’s getting their hard earned money’s worth on this one and then some!

Chasing The Dragon
Pistol Whipped
The Dance of Kashani
Fire and Brimstone
The Beacon
Blackmore`s Boogie
Old School Throwdown
Allegro #2 in A Minor
Trigger Happy
Symphonic Pandemonium
The Witching Hour
Strat Sorcery

January 2009 - UPDATE

There is a cool review, some pictures, and a live video (the band doing Deep Purple's "Burn") of Joe Stump's show in DeBosuil, Weert, on November 28, 2008. Go to and click on "Last Update" on the left side of the screen, then scroll down to "2/12" for the video and "11/30" for the review and pictures. Enjoy!

September 2008 - UPDATE

Hey, just a quick update from the flight deck. I’ve done a few guest appearances on several upcoming things. One would be Matt Mill’s new Neo-Classical Spirit release. Matt’s a monster player and a good friend of mine. I’ve got a lengthy solo on the track Enoch’s Journey. I appear on the record along with George Bellas and David Shankle (both killer players and friends of mine). I also appear on Mike Vescera’s new solo offering as well as the upcoming Jack Starr’s Burning Star record. I’ve been a fan of Jack’s for many years going back to the old Burning Starr records of the 80’s, so it was a real treat to contribute to his new record, which by the way is going be a bad-ass slab of metal.

Speaking of bad-ass, my new record is entitled Virtuostic Vendetta, and let me tell you it’s going live up to its title! I’m all business on this thing. I’ll post an update regarding the release date shortly. Also the track I did for the Magic Maestro record, The Story of Swan Lake (recorded with the London Philharmonic Orchestra), is currently available on You can download the track for 99 cents by clicking HERE. I’ll go out on a limb here saying that it’s the most amount of notes you’ll likely get for less than a dollar. It’s a speed metal version of Tchaikovsky’s Enchanted Lake theme. I’m really proud of the adaptation, as I was given the score to the entire piece and I had to incorporate certain key sections of the score in the arrangement. It was a lot of fun and quite challenging as well.

August 2008 - UPDATE

Hey, once again, sorry for the delay between updates but I’ve been flat out since I returned from Europe. Both the Bulgarian festival and the Magic Circle Festival were quite successful for HolyHell. The band played killer sets at both, and the band’s fan base has really begun to grow. We previewed a couple new things from the upcoming full length debut record and the response was great. Since I came back, I’ve been in the studio finishing my next solo offering. It’ll be done within the next few days, and I’m happy to say it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever done throughout my two-decade long career of making and releasing records. It’s a great diverse mix of tunes. And, of course, there’s some maniacal neo-classical speed metal stuff, a few evil riff heavy tracks, an emotionally drenched Gary Moore inspired guitar ballad, and some killer retro-Blackmore /Purple /Hendrix /Trower /Marino type tunes. The record should be released sometime in late Oct/early Nov. While there are several working titles, I’ve yet to settle on one, as playing and composing all this intense guitar shit is far easier than coming up with one of my cool and somewhat pretentious titles after all these records. I’ll post some samples on the site and the Joe Stump MySpace after it’s mastered.

Here’s the track listing (in no particular order):

Chasing The Dragon
Fire and Brimstone
Pistol Whipped
The Witching Hour
Blackmore’s Boogie
Strat Sorcery
The Dance of Kashani
Old School Throwdown
Trigger Happy
Allegro #2 in A Minor
The Beacon
Symphonic Pandemonium

May 2008 - UPDATE

Hey, once again sorry it’s been quite awhile between updates. The European tour back in Feb/March went extremely well. I played 15 dates in 20 days combining shows and clinics. A sincere thanks goes out to all that attended. A bunch of the footage was recorded in both audio and video format, so I’m sure that a bunch of that will surface in the form of bonus tracks and quite possibly a new bootleg concert DVD with concert and clinic footage combined. I played a nice combination of solo stuff, Reign of Terror material, and quite a bit of Rainbow and Deep Purple so the bootleg DVD will be completely filled with tons of guitar. I’m currently recording my new solo record, the long awaited follow-up to Speed Metal Messiah, and it should be released later on this year (late fall). I’ve got a bunch of the guitar tracks completed and I’m very pleased thus far. It’s a very diverse collection of tunes with a bunch of blazing neo-classical tracks, of course, a nice Gary Moore style ballad, an evil speed metal/thrash metal bit, and some retro Hendrix/Blackmore induced tunes. While all the tracks are titled, I have several working titles for the record that I’m still tossing around. While there’s, of course, a ton of over the top guitar stuff going on as usual, this one will be my best record song/composition-wise. I feel really good about the selection of tracks. For all you European fans, I’m featured in the new Shred issue of Gitarist magazine ( There’s an interview with me, plus I’m mentioned as one of the top 20 Shredders of all time. I’ll be going to Europe next month for some festival dates with HolyHell, and as usual, I’m really looking forward to getting out and doing more damage. After returning from Europe, I’ll get back to work on the new record, which should be completed by late July/early August. That’s it for now. I’ll try to make updates more frequent in the future, but what can I tell you, I like playing guitar way more than typing at the computer!

January 2008 - UPDATE

Hey, Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you guys had a great holiday. As usual, new stuff to report. It’s looking like this year should be very busy. I just came back from Bulgaria where HolyHell played a New Years Eve show opening for Saxon (3 band bill, we were in the middle). Believe it or not, it was an outdoor show, and fuck yeah it was cold. They had bionic heaters on stage but it was still quite chilly to say the least. However that didn’t affect the show as the Bulgarian fans were wonderful, the band played a killer set, and it was great to see the fans really enjoying themselves. The show was taped for Bulgarian national television, so it was fun to be a part of their version of Dick Clarke’s Rocking Eve. When it comes to being true metal fans, the Bulgarian people don’t fuck around and I can’t wait to go back later on this year. The new instructional DVD is out, so thanks a ton to you guys (and gals) that have picked it up. If you haven’t it’s available at I also have a new audio instructional program coming out in a few weeks. This will be out through (a sister company of the Shred Academy). It’s a very cool program entitled “66 Licks.” What it is is 66 one bar licks grouped into 3 categories: easier, intermediate, and advanced. All the licks are played at the same tempo with 3 different grooves to play them over included. I play various examples using combinations of many of the licks showing how when strung together it’s a great way to formulate soloing ideas. The licks are in the European neo-classical/shred vein and these are phrasing ideas and technical portions of my playing vocabulary. It’s not like I came up with outside ideas just for the program. These are things that are a part of my actual playing vocabulary. Touring-wise I’ll be playing at the NAMM show this week, Thursday Jan 17th - Sunday Jan20th. I’ll be playing at the US Masters Guitarworks booth. They’ve released a killer amp that I’ll be demoing, (very Blackmore-ish tone to it) so needless to say, I’ll be hard to miss if you’re attending the show. I’ll also be playing a European solo tour in Feb/March, the dates will be posted in the tour dates section, and it will be updated regularly with dates being added. I’ll be playing solo instrumental stuff, Reign of Terror material, and a bunch of Deep Purple and Rainbow. I’m playing shows and clinics, and I’m really looking forward to getting out and doing more damage.

November 2007 - UPDATE

Well, sorry for the long layoff as far as posting my recent activities, but I’ve been quite busy with a bunch of cool new stuff in the pipes. First off, I’m very excited because I’m going to appear on a record with the famed London Philharmonic Orchestra. Magic Maestro Music is a company that produces books/CDs for children and adults. The book/CD package is a story based from a famous work of music. The orchestral pieces are performed by the London Philharmonic. On each disc they feature a track with a work from the classical piece done in a non-traditional classical format. I’ve recorded a speed metal neo-classical version of Tchaikovsky’s “Enchanted Lake” from Swan Lake. It was a great experience and the track came out killer. I’ve also finished my 5th instructional DVD entitled “Advanced Hard Rock/Metal Soloing Techniques.” This one will be a 2 disc set and will be released by the Shred Academy in late November. I also recorded additional footage for the re-release of the Sweep Picking/Arpeggio DVD. That will also be a 2 disc set available through the Shred Academy in several weeks. As you’ve seen in the last update, my entire instrumental back catalogue has been released through Magic Circle Music. It’s only available in digital format for now, but they’ll be re-releasing cool re-mastered products with many extras and bonus materials next year. I’m back at work on the follow up to “Speed Meal Messiah” that will be released in the early portion of next year. Thanks.

October 2007 - UPDATE

Magic Circle Music releases Joe "Shredlord" Stump's back catalog!

Magic Circle Music is proud to announce the release of the back catalogue of Shred Guitar legend Joe Stump. This is available for immediate download at Magic Circle Music's online store, Kingdom Of Steel. Please visit

Voted as one of the top ten fastest shredders of all time and referred to by many music experts as the Ultimate Guitar Monster, Joe's instrumental releases are bombastic displays of shred. Joe continues to assault the world showcasing his amazing power and technique. This collection is a must for all fans of intense guitar driven metal!

June 2007 - UPDATE

Hey, just a quick update, to report some of the stuff I’ve got in the pipes. First off, HolyHell will be playing two festivals in Europe, the Kaliakra Rock Fest in Kavarna, Bulgaria on June 30th, and the Magic Circle festival on July 7th. The Magic Circle fest is going to be killer with a bunch of great bands on the bill, so go over to to get all the details. I’ll also be shooting another instructional DVD for the Shred Academy within the next few weeks. This one will be entitled Hard Rock and Metal Advanced Soloing Techniques. I’ll be playing several solos from my recordings, breaking them down content- and concept-wise, and detailing all of the techniques used. The Shred Academy will also be reissuing the Sweep Arpeggio DVD and I’ll be shooting additional footage to be offered as a bonus DVD that’ll be packaged along with it. The footage will include transcriptions and demonstrations of some of the most challenging arpeggio sections I’ve recorded. There’s also a few US dates in the touring section, so check out those as well. I’m currently rehearsing for my next solo record that depending on my touring schedule I should be gearing up to record quite soon. That’s it for now.

April 2007 - UPDATE

Once again, sorry for the lengthy delay in between updates but when I’m touring, I’m not much of a computer guy. I’ve just returned from Europe and the Demons, Dragons and Warriors tour was a truly great experience. The venues were massive, the crowds were great and all and all it couldn’t have gone better. HolyHell was very well received at all the shows and it was killer seeing how people responded so amazing well to a brand new band. Of course the kings of metal, Manowar, destroyed every night of the tour; it’s amazing seeing over 10,000 people packed into an arena with their fists in the air night after night. When those guys fire up live and throw down, they don’t fuck around. During the tour, HolyHell released an EP/single (it’s referred to as a single in Europe) on March 23rd; it contains 4 tracks plus additional video material containing interview segments and live concert footage. You can download the entire EP/single at On May 19th and 20th, I’ll be playing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on a G3 type of bill with Angra’s Kiko Loureiro and George Bellas. It’s gonna be a killer guitar show and I’m really looking forward to it. After all the dust settles from touring, I’ll get back to work rehearsing the band for the recording of my next full-on solo album. All the tunes are written and it’s just a matter of getting the guys prepared before we get into the studio to bang it out. I guess that’s it for now.

February 2007 - UPDATE

Hey, sorry it’s been awhile in between updates, but I’ve been quite busy lately. Right now, I’m just getting ready for the upcoming Manowar/Rhapsody of Fire/Holy Hell tour. Rehearsals start up soon and I’m really looking forward to getting back out there and doing some serious damage when the tour starts up in March. As far as the Holy Hell thing goes, there will be a release fairly soon but I’m not at liberty to break any of that news until the label issues the official word. But get ready because it’s coming and I’m sure everyone’s going to be floored by the great work we’ve done. I also have some guest appearances on several releases coming up. I played solos on ex-Manowar/fellow shred demon David Shankle’s upcoming DSG record, guitarist Ethan Brosh’s solo record (great player -- one of my former students -- George Lynch and Greg Howe are guesting on the disc as well, so needless to say, I’m in good company), and my buddy Sean Baker’s next release (who’s another killer player). Also, I just signed on with Dean Markley strings. They are a great company, and I’m really looking forward to working with them as two of my all time heroes, Gary Moore and Yngwie Malmsteen, are Dean Markley guys. So, it’s nice to be among some full-on guitar royalty. In addition, lots of other things are in the pipes for this upcoming year. I will be recording and releasing my next solo record but the time frame really depends on my Holy Hell touring schedule. I’ll also be doing at least one more Neo-Classical DVD for the Shred Academy this year. A few solo tours are also in the works for this year as well as some other surprises, so things will continue to be busy. I’ll try to keep the site updated more often.

October 2006 - UPDATE

Sorry for the delay in updating the site, but as usual, I’ve been fairly busy lately. Neo-Classical Guitar 3 is now available through the Shred Academy. They’re offering it in two formats; a single disc package containing only the instructional DVD itself plus a performance of The Red Priest or a two disc package. The second disc contains some short instructional footage and performances of four tunes from the Speed Metal Messiah record -- Eastern Beast, Unleashing the Fury, Weapon of Choice, and Psycho Shred Suite’s 2nd Movement Presto. All and all a cool package with tons of instructional info combined with quite a bit of playing footage. There should be a video teaser of the DVD up at the Shred Academy site and shortly. I’ve got a few shows lined up before the end of the year, Reign of Terror will be doing two shows in Mexico; one in Cihuahua at the El Craneo and one headlining the second stage at the Monterrey Metal Festival. I’m really looking forward to returning to Mexico as the fans there are some of the best I’ve played for. There are some solo shows as well, so check the touring section of the site for updates. I’m currently rehearsing the material for my next upcoming solo record. I’ll start recording later this year with the record being released early next year after the Holy Hell record comes out. It’ll be a kind of return to some of my earlier releases like Supersonic Shred Machine with a variety of material. Some retro hard rock Hendrix and Deep Purple inspired stuff, a few heavier tracks, and of course some blazing classically influenced speed metal. No title as of yet, that’s the toughest thing, composing and playing all that stuff is much easier than coming up with a cool, pretentious title for the record. Also some exciting news in the pipes about the re-releasing of my back catalogue, I’ll have more about that next update.

July 2006 - UPDATE

Sky Academy Report - in Joe's words

The Uli Jon Roth Sky Academy concerts out in LA were a blast with a ton of cool players involved (Roy Z, Chris Impellitteri, Warren DiMartini, Tony Franklin, Jeff Scott Soto -- to name just a few). And it was a tremendous treat to play and spend some time with Uli and it was extremely inspiring to watch him play 3 nights in a row. I played all three nights and was also one of the few artists to get a short spot myself performing my instrumental version of the Rainbow classic Still I'm Sad (yes, I know it was originally done by the Yardbirds). I had Uli's band backing me and none other than the webmaster himself, Joe Hart, fulfilling the bass duties, which itself was a ton of fun. My favorite part came on the final Saturday show when I played Rainbow's Lost In Hollywood and Love's No Friend with Graham Bonnet. Uli joined us on these tunes and we had a great extended jam at the end of Love's No Friend. So needless to say, I was in the presence of real hard rock royalty. I'm looking forward to being involved in future Sky Academy events.

Holy Hell \m/

I just finished all the guitars on the Holy Hell record and it sounds killing. I played a ton of solos, many of them quite lengthy, so trust me when I say everyone's going to get their money's worth when this thing comes out. While it's not quite as guitar heavy as a full-on Joe Stump release, I'm still doing plenty of damage on this record. It was also a great experience working with producer Joey DeMaio (Manowar bassist and power metal kingpin). He really pushed me to be on top of my game and it really shows in the performances.

Neo- Classical Guitar 3 DVD

I finished recording Neo-Classical Guitar 3 and it'll be released very soon through the Shred Academy. Along with the Neo-3 DVD there will be a bonus 2nd DVD included with me performing several of my tunes from various recordings.

May 2006 - UPDATE

Joe has just checked in with the following news...

Work continues on the debut Holy Hell record and will continue as I'll be back in the studio tracking guitars for it in both May and June. In addition to the Holy Hell disc I've also got a new solo record in the pipes , with all of the material composed. I'm preparing to start work on that after the guitars are finished with Holy Hell.

I've also recorded another new instructional DVD Neo-Classical guitar 3. This DVD focuses on Baroque style classical pedal point and linear playing. As with the previous DVD it contains quite a bit of instructional content, performance footage and yes plenty of gratuitous shredding. It should be released by the Shred Academy in June sometime.

In late May I'll be participating in a series of concerts in Los Angeles with Uli Jon Roth at the Ralph Freud Theater . Since Uli is one of my all time heroes and of course a great artist and innovator in the world of Neo-Classical / European hard rock guitar I'm extremely excited to have been asked to play at this event.

Upcoming Shows

Joe Stump
May 24 , 26 , 27 Ralph Freud Theater- Los Angeles Ca. with Uli Jon Roth and Friends
June 9th Shredfest Steel Music Hall -Rochester N.Y.

Joe Stump`s Reign of Terror
August 17, 18 , 19- Expo Rock -Mexico City, Mexico

March 2006 - UPDATE

"Neo Classical Guitar 2" DVD Out Now
Joe's new DVD "Neo-Classical Guitar 2" is available to buy now from Shred Academy. The DVD is currently on a special release discount price so order yours today before stocks go at this link.

Guitar Clinic At Alpha Music, Virginia Beach, VA - 24th April 2006
Alpha Music in Virginia Beach VA is the home for Joe's next guitar clinic. As an added bonus he will also be doing some master classes (beginner class, intermediate and advanced class) in the afternoon before the evenings clinic. The date you need is Monday April 24th. The store opens at 11 am. Please call for the class schedules and prices ( toll free 1-877-486-2001).

Tickets for the clinic (only) are $10 which start's at 7pm (1900hrs).

February 2006 - UPDATE

Joe’s new DVD, “Neo-Classical Guitar 2,” will be released by a new internet instructional site called the Shred Academy. The new DVD will be in full-on DVD format (not DVD-R like previous releases). Production has already begun on it so it should be available in two weeks. Sorry about the delay, but the alliance with the new company pushed back the release date a bit. The links to purchase the new DVD will be posted as soon as it’s available.

January 2006 - UPDATE

We just got this info from Virtuosa Magazine:

"Just a quick message for you to put on your web site. You have been selected from among the finest guitarists in the world to appear courtesy of LION MUSIC on the free SHRED CD which will be given out with VIRTUOSA MAGAZINE with issue 11 (out January 10th). You can buy the magazine from at the shop section or for more information contact Nick the Editor on"

So, be sure to check it out! Also, there is a cool video clip of Joe shredding here.

December 2005 - UPDATE

Hey everyone, hope all is well out there. Sorry it’s been a little bit in between updates, but we have a lot to report! Joe’s been very busy tracking guitars for the debut Holy Hell CD. He says the tone is massive and promises it’s going to be a monster of a record -- pure unadulterated metal like your mom used to make. And yes, of course, there will be plenty of cool ass guitar stuff on the disc. New dates for the Demons, Dragons and Warriors world tour have been confirmed and are posted in the touring section of the site. The first leg starts early next year and there will be many more dates to come. It’ll be a full-on world tour with the kings of metal -- Manowar, the mighty Rhapsody and Holy Hell -- with dates throughout a good portion of 2006. The new instructional DVD, Neo-Classical Guitar II, is finished and edited. It should be available for purchase very soon! It’ll contain a ton of cool instructional stuff, plenty of gratuitous shred footage, and several live play-along performance tracks. It should clock in at over 90 minutes and I’m certain everyone’s really going to enjoy it. Also in the press, in the new Shred issue of Guitar One, with Yngwie Malmsteen and Buckethead on the cover, has a feature with Joe along with several of his totally over-the-top guitar runs recorded on the CD ROM and transcribed in the magazine -- a very cool issue!

September 2005 - UPDATE

Well, I’ve been out playing and touring for most of the summer and I’m now home for a period of time. Between playing solo shows, clinics, and master classes for Berklee in Boston and LA, and the Manowar, Rhapsody, Holy Hell - Demons Dragons and Warriors tour in the States and some festival dates in Europe, it was great to have the last several months filled with so much live playing. I’m currently writing tunes for the Holy Hell release and will start work on the band’s debut record in a few weeks. In addition to recording the Holy Hell disc, I’ll be shooting the next instructional DVD, Neo-Classical Guitar II. The disc will feature a massive amount of classically tinged instructional material, plus a fair amount of performance footage as well. I think all the fans are going to be quite pleased. I’ll be doing some solo shows and clinics periodically in upcoming months, so please check the tour dates section of the site.

April 2005 - UPDATE

The new DVD entitled Neo-Classical Guitar I is now available; all the tablature for the DVD will be available to download from the site. The next more advanced DVD, Neo-Classical Guitar II will be shot after Joe returns from touring at the end of April/early May. Also Joe appears in back to back issues of Guitar World magazine. In the May 2005 issue there is a cool review of the newly released “Shredology/Midwest Shredfest” double CD, and in the June issue, Joe’s doing the “Betcha Can’t Play This” feature. Video footage at both warp speed and slow speed of the lick are on the Guitar World CD-ROM. Joe will be playing both nights at the Shredfest in Rochester on May 20th and 21st. However, due to scheduling conflicts, the full band will be playing on only the Friday, May 20th show. Joe is the headliner at that show and plans on playing a very lengthy set. On Saturday, May 21st, Joe will play a totally different set of material but will be doing that solo with backing tracks (ala guitar clinic style) Also, Joe is playing with power metal band Holy Hell. The band includes vocalist Maria Breon, Jay Rigney on bass guitar, Jay Gates on drums, (both from Joe’s solo band and Reign of Terror) and guitarist Tom Hess. They will be touring with metal legends Manowar and symphonic metal masters Rhapsody. Shows will start in the US and Canada in early June as well as the Masters of Rock festival in the Czech Republic and Germany’s Earthshaker festival in July. All tour dates will be posted.

January 2005 - UPDATE

Some new sound clips will be featured on the site shortly, these will be exclusive to These are live recordings from the last European tour, which ended in Oct., featuring live versions of several instrumentals and also Joe tearing into a bunch of Deep Purple, Hendrix, and Gary Moore stuff. As Joe puts it, "a show of gratitude to the fans, it's the least I can do for all the great support I get." So feel free to burn, download, and do whatever you like with the tracks. I thought it would be a cool thing to put up for everyone to enjoy. Also we just got done shooting the Neo-classical Guitar I DVD and expect a quick release after editing. The DVD will clock in at around 90 minutes and covers a whole variety of techniques.

December 2004 - UPDATE

Sorry for such a lengthy period in between updates, but I've been quite busy. First off, the official live bootleg DVD will be available in a a matter of days, so webmaster Joe Hart should be able to start taking orders very soon. As promised, it will include an entire Reign of Terror show, an entire guitar clinic from the same European tour, plus additional solo footage from several shows earlier this year. I'm going to reshoot neo-classical guitar 1 around the same time that I'm going to shoot 2 (the 2nd more advanced DVD). I had hoped to finish these sooner, but I just moved into a new house and that set me back a little. But I promise those will be completed and available very soon. I've got all of the material ready to go, and I assure you guys that it'll be worth the wait. Also tab booklets will be included in both instructional DVDs. Leviathan Records will release Shredology - a compilation of select tunes from my entire Leviathan instrumental catalogue. The disc will come in at close to 80 minutes and all the older tracks will be remastered. Also included will be some bonus tracks and the Midwest Shredfest live record will be included as a second bonus disc. If you recall, that was originally only available in very small quantities on Diginet Music thru a few years ago. Vote now for your Shredology song list, just email me the tunes you'd like to see appear on the record. I'll check everybody's list and make the track listing dependent on the results. So I'm waiting to hear from you guys. thanks, and happy holidays to everybody.

September 2004 - UPDATE

The new record, “Speed Metal Messiah,” is currently available at all the posted sites and webstores. We’ll post additional webstores and outlets in the upcoming weeks. Joe has just starting to do a bunch of press for the new record, so we’ll be posting interviews and reviews as they start to come in. An article and full review of the new album will appear in the upcoming issue of BWBK. As far as the new instructional DVDs go, the first one is still being edited and we’ll be shooting the second one sometime in the next several weeks - before Joe heads off to Europe for the hard rock/blues tour. But they both should be available by late Oct. early Nov. We’ll also be selling an official Joe Stump live bootleg 2 DVD set exclusively on the site. The first DVD will include a lengthy full concert from the last Reign of Terror European tour as well as additional clinic footage. Another DVD will include a compilation of several live instrumental shows from recent tours. So we’re talking HOURS worth of live footage! And since it’s more of a live bootleg type of recording, it’ll be offered at a great price. Plenty of guitar close-ups and gratuitous shred footage! That one should be available within the next few weeks, prior to the neo-classical instructional DVD coming out.

July 2004 - UPDATE

New Record, New label - Joe has just signed a deal with Lion Music for his new record Speed Metal Messiah. Lion is a European based company and has an impressive roster of guitarists on it’s label - James Byrd, George Bellas, Marcel Coenen, Alex Masi , Lars Eric Mattson, Rusty Cooley, Kelly Simonz, Ritchie Kotzen, Tony Macalpine - just to rattle off a few. The disc will be released in Sept. (a slight delay due to the change in labels) Joe will be releasing 2 instructional DVDs in the upcoming months as well. Neo-classical Guitar 1 which has already been shot and is being edited now will feature some technique building exercises incorporating diatonic scale patterns and a six part neo- classical workout with each section demonstrating a different technique. (Scale patterns, multi string arpeggios, single string picking phrases, rhythm playing, etc) The second one, Advanced Neo-Classical Guitar, will be loaded with many transcriptions to some of Joe’s most demanding works as well as a ton of other Baroque induced fret frying. Both DVDs will feature lengthy guitar cadenzas as well as several full tunes with Joe playing with various backing tracks. Also included in the performance tracks will be several tunes from Speed Metal Messiah. Joe has also been busy contributing guitar work on ex Virgin Steel guitarist Jack Starr’s new album which is being produced by Manowar bassist Joey DeMaio for Magic Circle Music and will be released on SPV.


The European tour was a blast and I just want to thank everyone for making it such a success -- the DDA Agency, tour manager Dick Stam and my buddies Louie Van Aalst, Ruud and of course all the fans that attended the shows and guitar clinics. There will be plenty of pics from the tour to be posted. I’ll be back out on the road in June in the States so check the tour dates section which will have dates and cities posted soon.

New Record – Yes, the new record is all finished and it’s a monster of a guitar record, my best playing to date. The official title is “Speed Metal Messiah” and it contains the following track listing:

1. Prelude
2. Speed Metal Messiah
3. The Red Priest- Vivaldi Dedication
4. Eastern Beast
5. Weapon of Choice
6. Reflection
7. The Killer Instinct
8. Dragon’s Den
9. Unleashing The Fury - Malmsteen/Blackmore Dedication
10. Retroactivity
11. Psycho Shred Suite (1st Movement)
12. Cadenza Diablo (2nd Movement)
13. Presto (3rd Movement)
14. Chamber Maid

Some sound clips of several tracks will be up at the site shortly.

Before the tour in June begins, I’ll also start shooting my new advanced neo-classical instructional DVD.

March 2004 - UPDATE FROM JOE

"Leviathan/Diginet has remastered and reissued the first Guitar Master cd and it's available at the site. It contains a ton of cool improvised playing and was recorded in the same fashion as Armed and Ready where I was given pre-existing bass and drum tracks, and was free to play whatever I wanted. This one much more blues tinged than Armed and Ready but still contains a ton of shredding and over the top playing".

"As far as new record news goes the brand new Joe Stump instrumental album is nearing completion. With several working titles in the pipes (no confirmed title to the record as of yet) here`s a partial track listing"-

Weapon of Choice
The Killer Instinct
Speed Metal Messiah
The Red Priest - Vivaldi Dedication
Eastern Beast
Prelude Allegro
Unleashing The Fury- Malmsteen/Blackmore Dedication
Psycho Shred Suite -three movements

"Primarily containing very classically inspired material this record is quite a few notches beyond anything I've ever done and will be a monster of a guitar record with tons of complex sections, lengthy solos and every type of arpeggio you could think of".

Januray 2004 - UPDATE FROM JOE

Joe is currently busy writing and rehearsing with his band for his next solo album to be released later this year. In addition Leviathan Records are giving the Guitar Masters vol.1 album (previously only available on the internet) a proper release. More details to follow as and when we have them.

25th November 2003 ~ UPDATE FROM JOE

The Reign of Terror European Tour was a ton of fun and the shows went very well. We’re hoping to go back sometime early next year (April). More pics from the tour to be posted very soon. We recorded one of the shows and are also recording the Nov. 29th show in Rochester N.Y. and might use a combination of both shows for a live album.
The live album would feature tracks from Sacred Ground, Conquer and Divide, several instrumental tracks, a live guitar solo, a few tunes from Mike’s past groups (Loudness and Yngwie Malmsteen), also some old Rainbow and Deep Purple tracks. We will post more on that with a full track listing when a release date is confirmed.

Also I’ll be recording my 7th instrumental album during December 03 and January 04 to be released early next year. I promise it will be my finest recorded guitar work to date. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a full on studio instrumental record and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

I’ll also be doing a third instructional DVD, the second one to be released right here at This one will be an advanced Neo-classical DVD covering difficult excerpts from some of my more demanding tracks, Classical pedal point and arpeggio sequences as well as some blazing right hand alternate and economy picking material.

I’ll also be doing a clinic tour in December 03. going to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and parts of China. So there will be plenty of new Joe Stump products available early next year. Thanks to everyone for all the much appreciated support.

20th June 2003 ~ NEW RELEASE: ARMED & READY

Well, quite a bit has gone on since the last update. Joe has a new record entitled Armed and Ready that is now available through Leviathan. This is a remixed and remastered rendition of the last Guitar Masters CD. Since the disc turned out so well, and was only previously available in a very limited format, Leviathan decided to do a full on printing of the disc. It contains some of Joe's most inspired improvised solo playing and a huge amount of over the-top-shredding.

Joe has also started doing an instructional column for the Rhino Amps website entitled Joe Stump's Shred Academy. Every month there will be tabbed out examples, an explanatory text, and sound clips of the instructional material as well as bonus sound clips recorded by Joe specifically for the site. Needless to say, all the featured clips are recorded using Rhino amplification exclusively.

Joe will be be out on the road at various points during the summer starting at the end of this month, so make sure to check the touring schedule for venue info. Also a ton of photos from March's Tour of Mexico to be posted very soon in the photo section of this site.

15th February 2003 ~ TOUR DATES IN MEXICO

* Sat. March 15th Taquilla del Circo Volador, Tianguis Cultural Del Chopo- Mexico City
* Sunday March 16th The Pit Foro - Bar 6:00 in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Sunday March 16th Guitar clinic at the Pit 2:00
* Guitar clinic Monday March 17th at G Martell escuela de Musica- Mexico city


Exclusive to! New Instructional DVD for sale, "Arpeggio Lesson - Volume I." Click Here

The sweep-picking instructional DVD is now available. The cost is $20.00 plus shipping. It's a great learning tool for players on all levels. Joe is also taking credit card orders for the DVD as well. Joe's first instrumental album, the classic "Guitar Dominance," has been reissued and remastered. It's available now at and will be available at all the usual CD sources (Guitar 9, CDnow, Amazon, etc.) later this month. Joe's instrumental tour of Mexico is scheduled for March14-18th. It will include several live shows and guitar clinics. Exact venues for all events will be posted within the next week. After the Mexico tour, Joe plans on doing another run of Reign of Terror shows starting in late March, so check the site for tour dates.

20th December 2002 ~ NEW GUITAR MASTERS CD
The new 2002 Joe Stump Guitar Masters CD is now available, just go to or to place your order. This release is a lead guitar lovers wet dream and contains all kinds of very inspired solo playing from Joe.

Also, early next year, Leviathan Records will reissue a new remastered version of Joe's 1993 instrumental classic debut, Guitar Dominance.

Reviews and articles about Joe and the new Reign of Terror release, Conquer and Divide, can be found in the new BWBK issue 66 and in the newest copy of the Feb. 2003 Guitar One mag.

The Metal Chop-building Instructional DVD is now available through Berklee Press (just go to and the final touches have just been put on the new sweep-picking DVD, so that should be available within the next few weeks.