MK.II 2 50w Non-Master Heads

The top head in this pic used to belong to Yngwie Malmsteen, I picked it up a few years ago at the famed House of Guitars in Rochester NY. The guy there wasn't going to sell it but knew who I was and made an exception. At the time I needed another Marshall like a hole in the head but when I plugged this one in it was just such a great sounding head I couldn't pass it up, plus it belonged to one of my all time heroes so all and all I didn't hesitate. It's now one of my main amps (no surprise there given the Malmsteen mojo).

The bottom head I've had for years and the guys at Voodoo Amps installed a post phase master volume in it and while I`m fairly old school when it comes to modding my older Marshall's on this one it works great.

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1970's Marshall 100w Superlead / early 1970's Marshall MK.II 50w Non Master Volume

The 100 watter up top was again modded by the Voodoo Amp guys, they do great work and did a Blackmore style mod on this head. The 100 was also used on the Trash Broadway album back in 1989.

The 50 on the bottom is another one of my favorites. It sounds quite close to Yngwie's old 50 . I've had both of these heads for quite awhile.

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Late 1970's Marshall JMP Master Volume Heads

Both of these master volume heads I've also had for many years, the top head I use with HolyHell.

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Marshall Cabs

The Marshall stack is a timeless classic and to me there's still nothing cooler than a wall of Marshall's, cab -wise I've got several of the older basket weave cabinets with Celestion greenback 30`s as well as some newer cabs with 75 watt Celestions. I use them both as some heads match up nicer with certain cabs.

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Rhino Blackstar Yngwie Malmsteen signature 50w Head

Some of you might remember this amp from a few years ago. For a short period of time Rhino and small Texas boutique amp maker produced this 50 watter cloned from Yngwie's favorite 50. Well I've got to tell you that I have many Marshall's (not all of my heads are shown on this amp page) and this amp hangs with any of them. One of my main amps both live and in the studio.

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Engl Ritchie Blackmore Signature 100w Head

Aside from the Marshall cloned Rhino, the Blackmore Engl is the only amp I'll play thru that doesn`t say Marshall on the front of it. I love this amp (had it for a number of years now) and it'll be my main amp with HolyHell in Europe this summer for all the festivals. It`s a monster, powerful, dynamic and delivers great tones at a variety of volumes.

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